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It’s an inertial system for the functional evaluation of kinematics involved in the sport movement. This device has been created for athletes aiming at monitoring and improving their performances.

BTS G-SPORT is a valuable tool of support in planning and supervising an athlete’s training program.


The ideal tool for sports professionals looking for a deeper knowledge of their biomechanical traits and wanting to obtain a competitive edge over their opponents.

How it works
BTS G-SPORT is a user-friendly device: the sensor is located around the waist of the athlete and secured by an ergonomic belt allowing free body movement; the athlete will be free to perform sports tasks such as jumping, making changes of direction and running short distances.
When testing is over an automatically generated report will show us the recorded test parameters, such as symmetry indexes and elasticity indexes.

BTS G-SPORT is a valuable aid for doctors and sports trainers choosing to monitor an athlete’s actual physical condition. Thanks to the wide range of evaluation tools available, this product can really supply a full analysis of the athlete which may be used to improve performances as well as to plan the most suitable everyday training or specific workout.


Squat Jump
This is a specific evaluation of the explosive strength of athletes’ lower extremities, measured from a knee angle of 90°. The purpose of this protocol is to measure the explosive component of strength by eliminating the stretch-shortening cycle of knee extensor muscles.

Squat Jump with weight bar
This test aims at the specific evaluation of the explosive strength of athletes’ lower extremities under a weight increase condition (i.e. while lifting a weight bar placed over the athlete’s shoulders).

Counter Movement Jump
This test aims at evaluating the explosive strength resulting from the elastic energy collected during the stretching-shortening cycle. This is a very representative test for the quantification of the elastic return when the explosive strength of lower extremities it’s at its peak.

Repeated CMJ
What this test is immediately able to reveal is the presence of fatigue in the athlete’s performance when calling for the maximum number of CMJ within a time limit.

CMJ with arms thrust
This test focuses on the processes of use of elastic energy during jumping: it examines the contribution given by the coordinated thrust of upper extremities to the jump movement.

Drop Jump
The Drop Jump examines the explosive strength of lower extremities and is specifically used to measure the ideal height of drop allowing the athlete to perform his/her best jump.

It’s a crucial test for the evaluation of reactive strength. During jumping a subject has to maintain legs straight and arms on the hips; the jumping takes place mainly thanks to the thrust given by the feet. This test is conducted by using neuromuscular and muscles-tendons-bones reactivity, and it enables us to evaluate the reactive component of strength of the lower extremities extensors.

Acquired parameters
  • Time of flight
  • Jump height
  • Maximum concentric strength
  • Maximum eccentric strength
  • Maximum concentric power
  • Maximum eccentric power
  • Concentric work
  • Eccentric work
Calculated Indices
  • Elasticity index
  • Bosco index
  • Coordination index
BTS G-Studio 
Is an easy-to-use but complete software for the analysis of jump kinetics. It allows the comparison of trials also of different sessions.
Dimensions 78x48x20mm
Weight 62gr
Sensors typologies Tri-axial accelerometer with multiple sensitivity (±1,5g,±6g)
Tri-axial magnetometer
Tri-axial gyroscope with multiple sensitivity (±300gps±1200gps)
Battery rechargeable via USB
18/24 hours of autonomy
Connectivity Bluetooth®
Frequency up to 200Hz
Working real-time
Standard equipment:
  • 1 wireless inertial sensor
  • Belt with pocket for the sensor positioning
  • Transport bag
  • BTS G-Studio Software
  • Protocollo JUMPS
  • Pre-configured ready to use workstation
  • Additional analysis protocols
  • Up to 2 webcam for video recording