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This technologic device is the key to timely and accurate assessment of dysfunctional gait.

Walk parameters are a powerful tool for functional assessment of orthopedics and neurological patients, allowing us to determine movement ability, to select the most successful treatment and monitor the results of therapies.
BTS G-WALK is a user friendly device: the actual test is very easy to perform and the resulting reports are automatically generated and supply immediate comparison with normal range results.

It’s a break-through analysis tool for the study of dysfunctional movement and all pathologies related to the somatic nervous system, walk and postural stability.

How it works
The system uses an inertial sensor connected to a computer via Bluetooth allowing us to determine spatio-temporal parameters as well as pelvic rotations.
The sensor is located around the waist of the patient and secured by an ergonomic belt allowing free body movement: the patient will be free to walk anywhere.
When testing is over an automatically generated report will show us the calculation of test parameters. These indexes are the result of a 3-years-long study which has been validated by the most avant-garde clinical centers in the world.
The test can be run more than once in different patient conditions (such as wearing an orthosis or using walking aids) in order to test the actual affect of such different conditions.

Orthopedics: in order to choose the most suitable movement aid or to evaluate pre and post surgery strategies
Neurology: for the definition of rehabilitation strategies and their follow-up
Parkinson’s disease: for the evaluation of disease progression and the effectiveness of medications
Falls prevention in the elderly: periodical prevention check-ups


A walk analysis allowing absolutely free walk movement by the subject being tested. This test can be conducted indoor as well as outdoors, on adults as well as children.
Thanks to the numerous information it supplies, it enables us to conduct a complete analysis:
  • Speed: main indicator of walk related problems
  • Acceleration pattern: used to check strides repetition
  • Pelvic angles: origin of dynamic posture during walk movement
Timed Up and Go Test
This is a balance evaluation test based on the execution of an easy task allowing us to assess the subject’s functional mobility: from a sitting position the patient is asked to get up and walk for 3-7 meters, make a 180° turn and go back to the initial sitting position. This test enables us to determine the actual risk of fall, the ability to keep balance while executing such different movements and the walk strategy being used; this evaluation can be performed on different categories of subjects.
The report will show many parameters:
  • Fluency of sitting and rising movements
  • Acceleration, speed and angles analysis during change of direction
  • Walk pattern analysis to detect any dynamic balance related problem
Turn Test
This is a test widely used to monitor progression of degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s Disease: movement strategy changes become more and more difficult during any change of direction as the disease progresses. Conducting an objective evaluation of walk pattern repetitions with this test becomes even more powerful and easy to use with the BTS G-WALK.
This test results in a complete analysis made of:
  • Spatio-temporal parameters stride after stride
  • Comparison between pre and post curve walk patterns
 6 Minutes Walking Test
This is an objective evaluation of residual functional ability in patients with neurological and muscular conditions through a six minutes long analysis of continuous walking. This type of testing has become a favorite for patients’ progress monitoring and thanks to BTS G-WALK  test results have actually become quantifiable.
The analysis of this test is based on:
  • Temporal parameters analyzing walk strategy during 6 minutes of data acquisition
  • Space parameters recognizing any possible aggravation during testing
 Indoor Running Test

Next to the walking and balance assessment is primary for rehabilitated patients to go back running as soon as possibile. With BTS G-WALK it is possible to assess the running pattern indoor on a treadmill and check for asymmetries or overloading during the running cycle.

As for the other protocols the report comes out automatically giving important feedbacks to the clinician such as:

  • Spatial-temportal parameters
  • Energy expenditure
  • Symmetry index
  • Pelvis Kinematics asymmetries
Spatio-temporal parameters
  • analysis duration
  • cadence
  • speed
  • stride length
  • % stride length/height
  • gait cycle duration
  • step length
  • stance phase duration
  • swing phase duration
  • single support duration
  • double support duration
  • strides elaborated
Pelvic girdle angles
  • antero-posterior rotations
  • anti-retroversion
  • lateral tilt
BTS G-Studio
is an easy-to-use but complete software for the analysis of spatio-temporal gait parameters and pelvic kinematic.
It Includes normative data for all the acquired parameters.
Dimensions 70x40x18mm
Weight 37gr
Inertial platforms 4 – Sensor Fusion technology
Inertial platform components Triaxial accelerometer 16 bit/axes with multiple sensitivity (±2, ±4, ±8, ±16 g)
Triaxial magnetometer, 13 bit (±1200 uT)
Triaxial gyroscope, 16 bit/axes , with multiple sensitivity (±250, ±500, ±1000, ±2000 °/s)
GPS receiver Position accuracy of 2.5 m up to 5 Hz, or 3.0 m up to 10 Hz
Battery rechargeable via USB 8 hours of autonomy
Connectivity Bluetooth® 3.0, class 1.5, range up to 60 m LOS
Frequency Accelerometer: from 4 to 1000 Hz
Gyroscope: from 4 to 8000 Hz
Magnetometer: up to 100 Hz
GPS receiver: up to 10 Hz
Sensor Fusion: 200 Hz
Working Real-time/batch
Memory Internal Flash 256MB (in Sensor Fusion mode up to 8h of continuos data recording)
Status LED ON-OFF/charge
Standard equipment:
  • 1 wireless inertial sensor
  • Belt with pocket for the sensor positioning
  • Belt extension 
  • Transport bag
  • BTS G-Studio Software
  • WALK protocol
  • FREE Test protocol
  • Pre-configured ready to use workstation
  • Additional analysis protocols
  • Up to 2 webcam for video recording
BTS G-WALK can be installed on a WINDOWS computer with the following minimum requirements:

Operative Systems: Windows 7 Pro 64Bit
Processor: CPU Intel i3 dual core
RAM: 2Gb
Video Board: RAM 256Mb – resolution 1024×768
Memory on board: 320Gb
USB: 2.0
Connexions: Gigabit Ethernet, Wifi

Computers with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 operative system are equal compatible. An important condition is that the software has to be installed from a user with administrator rights.

Software license
By default, if not specified, each license allows to install BTS G-STUDIO on 5 different computers. Run out 5 installations it is necessary to buy another license.