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BTS POSEIDON allows a quick, objective and repeatable functional analysis of patients with postural and spinal conditions and of specific body regions.

BTS POSEIDON is a compact and mobile system, which can be used directly in the rehabilitation gym designed to make postural and movement analysis in clinical medicine much quicker and more simple. With BTS POSEIDON we can determine the degree of functional limitations and its resulting disability, follow its evolution and judge the outcome of different therapies.

The availability of quantitative data related to postural kinematics and to specific body regions can really make a major difference to the work of doctors and therapists.

How it works
BTS POSEIDON captures the patient’s movements minute by minute during the performance of specific physical tasks by means of three infra-red video cameras. A set of integrated ready-to-use protocols, allows then the calculation of all relevant parameters (i.e. trajectories, angles, accelerations) which are recorded in an accurate and easy-to-read report supplying all necessary morphological and kinematic information referred to the body region under observation.

BTS POSEIDON is recommended to any clinical and medical structure where postural conditions or neuro-motor dysfunctions are treated and for which a functional evaluation of the upper and lower extremities is needed.

  • Evaluations of movement deficits and effectiveness of physical therapies and pharmacological therapies
  • Body asymmetry and structural misalignment
  • Spinal instability and back pain
  • Vertebral collapse and deformities
  • Balance disorders
  • Evaluation of spinal orthosis efficacy

Cervical mobility analysis
Aimed at evaluating the cervical segment kinematics, under maximum isolation conditions.
The patient, while sitting performs a rotation, a lateral flexion and a flex-extension of the head from a sitting position.
The protocol calculates cervical mobility level (ROM), angular speed and acceleration. Additionally, it performs qualitative motion analysis by calculating the signal frequency distribution.

Trunk mobility analysis
This test aimes at evaluating the spine global and partitioned morphology and kinematics. It examins segments within C7and S2 during single or multiple trunk lateral bending, flexion-extension and rotation movements.
The patient performs lumbar extensions through one or more lateral bends, anterior flexions and rotations from a standing position.
The protocol allows the evaluation of the spine morphology by calculating the spine curvature angles on frontal plane (scoliosis) and on sagittal plane (lordosis, kyphosis). It also measures the overall rachis mobility (segment C7-S2) as well as that of each segment (ROM), its related angular speed and acceleration, cervical, dorsal and lumbar curve imbalances.

Spinal orthotics evaluation
Aimed at determining the effectiveness of 3-points spinal hyperextension orthotics.
It is possible then to evaluate dorsal kyphosis degree and its suggested correction by means of orthotics.
Orthostatism with and without orthotics.
The protocol calculates the dorsal kyphosis degree with and without orthotics, angular speed and acceleration.

Posture and stabilometry
This “total body” protocol aimes at evaluating the subject’s morphology. It integrates available data from stabilometric platform. The analysis is alternatively performed with eyes open or closed, leaning on one or both feet.
This protocol evaluates rachis morphology both on frontal (superior and inferior scoliosis angle) and sagittal plane (kyphosis and lordosis angle).
The report will show transversal trajectory by pinpointing the barycenter (sway), and measuring of anterior-posterior and middle-lateral oscillation.

Infrared digital cameras 3 TVC mounted on the structure
Sensor resolution 640×480
Acquisition frequency at maximum resolution 140Hz
Maximum acquisition frequency 280Hz
Accuracy <0,2mm on a volume 2x2x2m
Preview full frame
Strobe LED wavelenght 850nm
Number of markers detected simultaneously unlimited
Data transmission technology Gigabit Ethernet
TVC power Directly supplied by the datastation
Lenses 4,5-6 mm
Passive and retro reflecting markers Ø from 3 to 15 mm
Pre-installed software BTS SMART-Clinic

Standard equipment:
  • Mobile unit with 3 infrared digital cameras
  • Datastation BTS SMART-DX 100
  • Monitor LCD
  • Delivers 2-way HD PC content streaming kit
  • Thor Calibration kit
  • Marker kit
  • BTS SMART-Clinic software
  • Postural analysis Protocols
    • BTS P-WALK