The innovative sensory floor to assess the performance level and athletic condition of athletes, through augmented reality

Maximize performance, minimize injuries

With PODIUM, sports teams and rehabilitation centers can get extraordinary results by improving training routines, avoiding injuries and accelerating recovery. Easy to use with fast results, it will help you analyze the entire team.

Fast and accurate

PODIUM provides a complete evaluation of the athlete’s symmetry and forces in static and dynamic conditions, in a few minutes:

Static assessment
Load symmetry and Center of Pressure deviation
Squat Jump
Load symmetry, force, speed during jump, jump height
RFD (Rate of force development)
Counter Movement Jump
Load symmetry, strength, force, velocity during jump, jump height
RFD (Rate of force development)

PODIUM Biofeedback
PODIUM sport performances

State-of-the-art technology

PODIUM is an advanced system composed by a camera for video recording and a platform with 2 triaxial sensory plates.
All measurements are complete, accurate and reliable, with PODIUM it is possible to simultaneously visualize the three components of force: vertical, anteroposterior and lateral.
Optional tools such as an additional video camera, a monitor and an electromyography (EMG) system are also available.

PODIUM sensorized platforms and Vixta camera


Thanks to the camera and the augmented reality displayed on the screen, the athlete can clearly see how his/her performance changes in relation to posture, strength and movement.


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