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Postural control assessment

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Thursday, January 25th, 2018
at 3.00 pm (UTC)

Speaker: Eng. Federica Girardi

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Webinar recordings:

FREEEMG Webinar:

6 December 2017

Assessment for the predisposition to lower back pain with the FREEEMG 1000 and the protocol FLEX-RELAXATION

Speaker: Eng. Alessandro Vagnini

7 November 2017

The use of FREEEMG 1000 with FREEWALK Protocol for daily clinical practices

Speaker: Eng. Clara Silvestro

G-WALK Webinar:

10 October 2017

Fall risk assessment with G-WALK

Speaker: Eng. Alessandro Vagnini

12 April 2017

G-WALK Overview

Speaker: Eng. Will Vandenberg

G-WALK Clinical Webinar:

16 June 2017

Use of the G-WALK to characterize gait and functional mobility alterations in individuals affected by neurological diseases

Special guest: Prof. Massimiliano Pau

31 May 2017

Gait characteristics in children with neurological disorders assessed with the G-WALK

Special guest: Dr. Michele Coluccini

16 May 2017

“The use of the G-WALK in rehabilitation settings: case studies”

Special guest: Dr. Luciano Bissolotti

NIRVANA Clinical Webinar:

18 July 2017

Thinking to do: the immersive reality in the neurocognitive laboratory for infant disability

Special guest: Dr. Silvia Galbardi

06 July 2017

Use of NIRVANA system in cognitive rehabilitation: our experience

Special guest: Dr. Rosaria De Luca

NIRVANA Webinar:

28 June 2017

Discover NIRVANA: introduction to the new version

Speakers: Eng. Luca Minesso and Eng. Federica Izzi