MEDICAL PRACTICE | BTS Bioengineering Fields of Applications

Medical practice

Thousands of hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and specialized health care facilities use our motion analysis systems every day to assess body motion dysfunctions and to develop the most successful therapies. Thanks to BTS systems practitioners obtain a fast, accurate and non-invasive quantitative analysis of patients’ biomechanical and neuromuscular parameters. Every year, BTS systems are used to meet the medical needs of thousands of patients all over the world throughout their clinical pathway to recovery.
Gait analysis (i.e. the systematic study of human/animal locomotion) is the most widely known field of application. Thanks to our systems, the analysis of postural balance as well as the movement ability of upper extremities and other body parts have become routine and established exams that fit well into everyday clinical practice.

SPORT | BTS Bioengineering Fields of Applications


Sports teams of various disciplines, Olympics committees and several sports professionals use our systems to enhance athletes’ performance at any level.
Augmented reality systems, wireless synchromyography, synchronized force platforms and optoelectronic systems all supply accurate multi-factorial analysis of any athletic movement.

With our technology you can:

  • Develop new training techniques
  • Minimize the risk of injury
  • Establish the best rehabilitation treatment in case of injury
  • Monitor the athlete’s full recovery
RESEARCH | BTS Bioengineering Fields of Applications


Accuracy, versatility, calculation power, and precision are the strengths of our products.
The most prestigious scientific institutions and universities use BTS systems for research in biomechanics, biometry, diagnostics and physical sports sciences.
The most important aerospace programs have used BTS technology: installations on Spacelab and MIR stations. The NASA, the ESA and the CNRS employ BTS systems in parabolic flight programs.
Over the years we have conducted a large amount of research on humans, to obtain proprietary clinical protocols for our medical division, on animals in the field of neuroscience and for the industrial sector in the fields of ergonomics, man-machine interaction and drones development.