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How it works

Sceneries that respond to the patient’s action
By projecting different sceneries on walls or floors, settings are created and the patient interacts with the stimulus provided by the scenery; a motion analysis device detects the patient’s behavior and adjusts the projected environment providing an audio/visual feedback.

Progresses can be measured immediately and over time
During the exercise, the system measures and generates all significant indexes of the patient’s progress, in real time and subsequently through some easy-to-read reports.

Several customizable clinical exercises
The system is preconfigured with a set of scientifically validated exercises, which can be customized and adjusted according to the level of difficulty, speed of performance and sensitive area (range of motion), to various patients categories

It can be managed through pc, tablet and smartphone
The system is controlled via a web-based interface compatible with all devices and operating systems.

It can be used by several users (physicians can prescribe exercises, assign patients and sessions to therapists and monitor treatments evolution from any location and in every moment)