NIRVANA protagonist at the European Rehabilitation Robotics Summer School

NIRVANA took part in the European rehabilitation Robotics summer school in Porto Potenza Picena (MC), an event entirely dedicated to robotic rehabilitation.

The NIRVANA system was presented as an innovative system for motor and cognitive neuro-rehabilitation.

In the video interview the engineer Federica Izzi, Product manager of BTS s.p.a tells us what NIRVANA is, how it works and in which areas it is applied.

NIRVANA was born as an immersive medical system based on virtual reality and used for neuro motor and cognitive rehabilitation. The uniqueness of this system is that of giving the patient a multisensory experience, where the patient is the active protagonist of the rehabilitation treatment, free to move without the obstruction of visors, gloves and sensors. The aim is to create a virtual but also engaging environment for the patient.

Thanks to the projection of wall or floor scenarios, the patient receives interactive stimuli, and with a movement analysis system the patient’s behavior is detected.

It is suitable for patients of all ages, suffering from motor and cognitive deficits, resulting for example from brain disorders, cerebral palsy, neurodegenerative diseases, developmental and / or learning disorders in the developmental age.

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