ANYMOV robotic rehabilitation bed

Robotic platform for motor and functional rehabilitation

ANYMOV is the first robotic system for rehabilitation used to perform intensive and targeted therapy on patients at acute and sub-acute phases of disease. The patient can be treated with a repeatable, homogeneous and accurate therapy during the entire rehabilitation process, and will be able to quantify the functional results obtained with it.

The only robotic system suitable for bedridden and minimally conscious state patients

ANYMOV is highly recommended for patients in need of continuous rehabilitation treatments, such as nervous system disorders (post-stroke, severe brain injuries, Alzheimer’s disease, etc.) or in case of patients on long-term hospitalization with different types of deficits. Early and controlled mobilization of these subjects helps prevent many complications due to immobility, and facilitates recovery of motor and postural capabilities. Robotic technology makes the leads to the most appropriate therapeutic choices on the basis of actual improvement.

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ANYMOV vertical position

ANYMOV can work in several positions. All movements are fluid and controlled and it’s extremely silent

ANYMOV is activated by 13 high-precision motors electronically controlled, its base can be adjusted in height and laterally tilted, the back board can be reclined up to 90°. There are two distal sections for the lower limbs for the performance of abduction/adduction movements of the hip. Ankle plantar/dorsal flexion and knee flexion/extension movements are assisted by two dedicated motors. By means of an integrated touchpad the operator can set, apply and edit the specific therapeutic motor profile for each patient, which will be stored in the database.

wdt_ID Column 1 Column 2
1 Engines 13 motors, 4 pillars for vertical lifting, actuators for the inclination of the bed, back, central cushion, footrests and segments for hip abd-adduction electronically controlled
2 Safety Fast manual repositioning system
3 Certification Class IIa in accordance with MDD 93/42/ECC
4 Dimensions Length.235 x width.98 x h 98 cm (with side rails and bed platform at the minimum height and perfectly horizontal)
5 Maximum dimensions Length 235 x width 158 x h 260 cm (with side rails; distal cushions at the maximum opening; bed platform at the maximum height and verticalized)
8 Noise emission <60 dB
9 Patient height 1,50m – 2,00m
10 Mattress Anti-decubitus mattress with the distal portion separated into two sections to allow the execution of the lower limbs exercises
wdt_ID Componenti
6 Robotic rehabilitative platform
7 Anti-decubitus mattress
8 6 removable/tiltable side rails
9 1 removable foot rail
10 Adjustable footrest
11 2 adjustable electric brackets for ankle and knee joint flex–extension exercises with extensions
12 2 adjustable T-WALKER
13 Kit for trunk support during vertical movement
14 Handles for patient support while in the vertical position
15 Anti-divarication elastic band during knee flex–extension exercises
wdt_ID Accessories
1 Active cycling accessory
2 FREEEMG1000 electromyograph (minimum configuration 2 probes)
* Not for sale in The United States of America – Please ask for other countries.

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