OEP System plethysmography for motion capture analysis
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Optoelectronic Plethysmography System for the analysis of breathing mechanics

OEP SYSTEM is an innovative investigation tool able to perform accurate measurement of the thoraco-abdominal wall absolute volume. This motion capture system allows for the measurement of lung volume variations non-invasively, breath by breath, with constant precision and accuracy, also over long periods of time.

High-precision in any environmental condition

OEP SYSTEM measures breathing volumes through the motion analysis of markers placed on specific reference points of the patient’s trunk.
Unlike systems based on grid projection, this innovative method provides accurate measurement for any type of patient and does not require specific lighting conditions; our technology is reliable in the dark as well as in broad daylight.

OEP System breathing analysis


for each workstation





analyzable compartments

OEP System plethysmography for Children

An irreplaceable tool

OEP SYSTEM does not require the use of mouthpieces or masks which reduce patient mobility and modify normal breathing behavior. During the test, the subject can change position and carry out physical exercise.
The test can be performed in static conditions, on newborns, ICU patients, sleeping patients or patients under anesthesia.

A breakthrough in plethysmography analysis

Thanks to its exclusive features the system is specifically designed for the analysis of:

  • Patients with altered respiratory functions
  • Premature infants
  • Pediatric patients
  • Patients who underwent thoracic surgery
  • Patients on assisted mechanical ventilation
  • Subjects during physical exercise
OEP System Chest Wall Compartmental Volumes

System components

  • Workstation for data acquisition, integration and analysis
  • 8 infrared cameras with related supports
  • Reflective hemispherical marker kit
  • Management and elaboration software

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