The EMG probes able to acquire the signal even underwater

water proof

water proof

under water

under water

sweat proof

sweat proof

A sensor with no more limits

FREEEMG 1000 H2O is the evolution of BTS technology for EMG analysis specially designed for water measurement.

Thanks to a special protective gel, the electronic components included in the case are completely waterproof, and allow the immersion of the probe in water up to a depth of 3 meters (IP68 classification).


Water sports, indoor training and post-injury recovery


neuromotor and orthopedic

When to use it

Clinical/rehabilitative field:

  • Neuromotor aquatic rehabilitation
  • Post-injury aquatic rehabilitation


Sport field:

  • Analysis of the motor gesture in all water sports, in indoor training
  • Application in sports with sweat resistance

As simple as drinking a glass of water

The subject preparation requires only a few minutes and the special probe technology allows a completely safe immersion in water.

The probe is applied with pre-gelled electrodes and the signal is acquired on the onboard memory of the probe without any loss of the acquired data.

EMG Probes

wdt_ID Column1 Column2
1 Surface Electrodes Variable geometry underwater electrodes with snap connectors
2 Resolution 16bit
3 Acquisition Frequency 1kHz
4 Data Transmission Wireless IEEE 802.15.4
5 Battery LiPo battery, rechargeable with proprietary charger
6 Battery Life Over 6 hours of continuous acquisition
9 On-board Memory Solid-state memory - up to 2 hours
11 Weight About 18 grams - battery included
12 Dimensions 41,5×24,8x14mm mother electrode – Ø 16x12mm satellite electrode
13 Certification CE Class IIa, FDA registration

USB Receiver

wdt_ID New column New column
1 PC Connection USB 2.0
2 Manageable Probes Up to 10 wireless probes per receiving unit
3 Weight 80 gr
4 Dimension 80mm L x 45.5mm W x 14.4mm H (3.14in L x 1.79in W x 0.57in H)
5 Data Transmission Wireless IEEE 802.15.4
wdt_ID Components
7 Up to 20 Probes
5 Up to 2 USB Receiver (each receiver manage up to 10 wireless probes)
6 Charger
4 Transport bag
8 EMG-Analyzer software

Underwater accessories

wdt_ID Add-on
6 G-SENSOR H2O (Underwater Inertial Sensor)
7 Functional Protocols (*G-SENSOR H2O required)

Standard accessories

wdt_ID Add-on
1 Footswitch Kit
2 Electrogoniometer Kit
3 Wireless Isokinetic Kit
4 Workstation
8 VIXTA video system (up to 4 videocameras)
9 O-PORT (Analog Output Receiver)
11 I-PORT Expander (Analog Input Receiver)
12 Trigger Box
13 BTS SDK (Development Tool)

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