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Wearable system for the functional analysis of movement

G-WALK introduces a new approach to motion analysis: a specialized wireless inertial sensor applied to the patient enables you to perform clinical tests such as the “Timed Up and Go” and the “6 Minutes Walking Test” in no time. It also supplies the most relevant parameters related to walking, running, and jumping.
This evaluation, which is essential in the field of rehabilitation, helps physicians and specialists to assess patient conditions and quantify the efficacy of treatments and/or rehabilitation therapies.

Fast, simple and accurate evaluation of motor problems

G-WALK can provide all the main data needed for the clinical analysis of a patient in a few seconds.
The six included tests can be easily performed and results compared right away with normal ranges.
The integrated protocols allow us to carry out complete and in-depth analyses of the main clinical tests:

Functional mobility, and fall risk assessment.


  • Spatio-temporal parameters standing phase, sitting phase and rotations
  • Trunk kinematics (flexion and/or extension angle)
Timed up and go | G-WALK protocols

Evaluation of the functional capacity of patients of any age


  • Total distance travelled
  • General spatio-temporal parameters
  • Variation in spatio-temporal parameters during the 6 minutes walking
  • Pelvis kinematics
6 minutes walking test | G-WALK protocols

Quantitative Analysis for the performance of walking.


  • Spatio-temporal parameters
  • General kinematic parameters
  • Symmetry index
  • Propulsion index
  • Pelvis kinematics
Walk+ | G-WALK protocols

Evaluation of movement alterations due to neuro-degenerative diseases.


  • Spatio-temporal parameters (global and diversified for the outward phase, rotation and backward phase)
  • General kinematic parameters divided by phases
Turn Test | G-WALK protocols

Monitoring of athletic performance and evaluation of recovery time post-injury.


  • General spatio-temporal parameters
  • Spatio-temporal parameters variation during run
  • Symmetry index
  • Pelvis kinematics
Run | G-WALK protocols

Sports performance monitoring.


  • kinetic and kinematic parameters for each type of jump
  • global indexes:
    • Elasticity
    • Bosco index
    • Coordination
    • Endurance
    • Task
    • Work decrease
Jump | G-WALK protocols
BTS G-WALK gait analysis
G-WALK movement analysis






of autonomy



A powerhouse of technology

We have enclosed 4 inertial platforms and a GPS in a few square centimeters.
This structure improves accuracy in the acquisition process and drastically reduces error tolerance.
The system guarantees 8 hours operating autonomy and unlimited range of action thanks to its internal memory.

A wearable laboratory for analyses

The G-WALK is a wearable device which is housed in a specialized belt; the patient is completely free to walk, run and jump. The sensor sends all data to a computer connected via Bluetooth; at the end of each analysis an automatic report containing all the parameters recorded during the test, is displayed.
The parameters are the result of 5 years of research and have been validated by internationally recognized clinical centers.

G-SENSOR positioning
BTS G-WALK report
G-WALK kit

wdt_ID Column 1 Column 2
1 Dimensions 70x40x18mm
2 Weight 37gr
3 Inertial Platforms 4 – Sensor Fusion technology
4 Inertial platform components Triaxial Accelerometer 16bit/axes with multiple sensitivity: (±2, ±4, ±8, ±16 g)
Triaxial Gyroscope 16bit/axes with multiple sensitivity: (±250, ±500, ±1000, ±2000 °/s)
Triaxial Magnetometer, 13bit: (±1200 uT)
6 Battery rechargeable via USB, 8 hours of autonomy
7 Connectivity Bluetooth® 3.0, class 1, range up to 60 m LOS
8 Frequency Accelerometer: from 4 to 1000 Hz
Gyroscope: from 4 to 8000 Hz
Magnetometer: up to 100 Hz
GPS Receiver: up to 10 Hz
Sensor Fusion: 200 Hz
9 Working Real-time/batch
10 Memory Internal Flash form 256MB (in Sensor Fusion mode up to 8h of continuous data recording)
11 Status LED ON-OFF/charge
wdt_ID Components
1 Wireless inertial sensor
2 Belt (+ extension)
3 Bluetooth dongle
4 Bluetooth extension cable
5 USB Charge Cable
8 G-Studio Software
9 Transport bag
wdt_ID Protocols
10 Run
2 Timed Up and Go Test
11 Jumps
4 6 Minutes Walking Test
9 Turn Test
8 Walk+
12 Free Test

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