INFINI-T force plate

The first digital sensorized floor for motion analysis

The new modular platform system is revolutionary: it measures reaction forces across its entire surface (also on borders), overcoming the limits imposed by traditional force plates.

Absolute layout freedom

With INFINI-T, surfaces of different sizes and shapes can be created. The combination of rectangular (60X40 cm) and squared (40X40 cm) modules allows for the most appropriate configuration for the analysis of any type of movement. The use of smaller modules facilitates exam preparation for disabled subjects, elderly people and children with reduced step length. In fact, it drastically reduces the risk of double contact on the same platform.







possible combinations

INFINI-T sensorized force plates; ground reaction force plate system
INFINI-T seamless sensorized surface

A single sensory surface

INFINI-T automatically elaborates and integrates the signals coming from adjacent modules, acting as a single, seamless sensory surface. It has finally become possible to measure force even when foot contact is on two or more contiguous modules.The subject can move freely and spontaneously, without being influenced by restrictions that can change their behavior.

Pure Innovation

INFINI-T is the first system equipped with innovative spherical sensors able to make accurate measurements across the entire surface. Each module includes internal amplifiers and overload protection systems. The system can integrate with all of our motion analysis technology: systems for kinematic analysis, EMG and video systems.

INFINI-T sensorized platforms
BTS INFINI-T sport and clinical applications

Applications in sports and clinical fields:

  • Choice and validation of the most suitable support according to each type of movement (orthotics and prostheses)
  • Load symmetry analysis and therapeutic or surgical treatment planning in orthopedics
  • Dynamic and static postural evaluation in neurological studies
  • Postural rehabilitation
  • Injury prevention and sports performance improvement

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