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Platforms for plantar pressure measurement

P-WALK is able to measure plantar pressure in static and dynamic phases. P-WALK supplies quantitative information on plantar support through the calculation of parameters such as foot contact area, maximum pressure, average pressure and center of pressure.
This test helps diagnose the existence of postural and walking alterations, to observe the benefit from the use of insoles and prostheses and to assess the effects of pharmacological treatments.

P-WALK posture and muscles

Static analysis

The patient stands still for a few seconds in the center of the platform while the system measures pressure distribution, contact surface and COP oscillations.
This data allows for accurate evaluation of the ground contact and balance variations in the static position.

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P-WALK gait analysis
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P-WALK dynamic report

Dynamic analysis

The patient walks back and forth on the platform. The patient can perform a series of strides in a single path. P-WALK processes the collected data and displays the sequence of forces expressed on the vertical plane, pressure, COPs, contact surface and speed, at each step.
Stride data can be observed frame by frame in a video track.

A precious tool for prevention, diagnostics and follow-up

P-WALK is the system used by physicians, dentists, physiotherapists, osteopaths and orthopedic technicians for:

  • Evaluation and prevention of postural and gait alterations
  • Prescription of supports such as orthotics, insoles, etc.
  • Parkinson’s disease or diabetic foot assessment
  • Prevention of fall risk in elderly subjects
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