Digital, easy, quick and non-invasive analysis of dental occlusion

Dental malocclusion can adversely affect mastication, swallowing and posture, causing joint disorders, muscle tensions, dental problems, headache and cervical pain.
TMJOINT helps the dentist plan the most appropriate corrective dental treatments and evaluate their effectiveness.

TMJOINT probes positioning

A complete exam in a few minutes

TMJOINT uses 6 wireless probes placed on the main mastication (temporal and masseter muscles) and neck muscles (sternocleidomastoids or trapezium). The probes, applied to the patient with common pre-gelled electrodes, detect the muscle activity during two clench tests of 5 seconds.
The system elaborates collected data and determines the presence or absence of prevalences, torsions and imbalances that can be originated by or result in different types of disorders and discomforts.

TMJOINT docking station




for a complete exam

Up to







battery included

TMJOINT dentistry

Documentable improvements and results

Tests stored in the database allow the dentist to follow evolution of the patient’s condition and effectiveness of treatments over time.
This scientific information, documentable with TMJOINT only, is a precious working tool and an actual support to clinical choices.


A revolutionary technology for dentists seeking well-being for their patients:

  • Oral rehabilitation: treatment choice, temporary and permanent prostheses evaluation
  • TMJ: pre-post splint, cranio-cervical mandibular disorders due to malocclusion
  • Orthodontics: pre-post treatment
  • Research and documents: treatment validation, biomechanics research
  • Medical-legal examinations: appraisals, legal defense in litigation
TMJOINT dental care and back pain

wdt_ID Column 1 Column 1
1 Wireless probes (Italian patent pending) 6
2 Surface electrodes Variable geometry electrodes with snap connectors
3 Resolution 16bit
4 Acquisition frequency 1kHz
5 Data Transmission wireless IEEE 802.15.4 (probes–USB receiver)
6 Battery Rechargeable with proprietary charger
7 Autonomy Over 8 hours of continuous acquisition
8 Status LED Acquisition/stand-by mode and low battery
9 Weight about 13 gr included battery
10 Dimension 41,5×24,8x14mm mother electrode – Ø 16x12mm satellite
wdt_ID Components
1 USB receiver
2 6 wireless EMG probes
3 Aluminum Transport bag
4 Charger
5 BTS Dental Contact Analyzer Software
6 POC 6 Protocol
wdt_ID Add-on
1 Workstation
2 CHEWING Protocol

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