A clinical trial with virtual reality training

A clinical trial with virtual reality training

Examining traumatic brain injury (TBI), a study evaluated the efficacy of virtual reality training (VRT) with BTS-Nirvana.

In an 8-week trial, VRT group (n=50) showed significant gains in cognitive flexibility, shifting skills, and selective attention, surpassing the Traditional Cognitive Rehabilitation Group (n=50). Results indicate VR as a promising approach for enhanced TBI rehabilitation outcomes.

“Improving Cognitive Function after Traumatic Brain Injury: A Clinical Trial on the Potential Use of the Semi-Immersive Virtual Reality” Rosaria De Luca, Maria Grazia Maggio, Giuseppa Maresca, Desirèe Latella, Antonino Cannavò, Francesca Sciarrone, Emanuele Lo Voi, Maria Accorinti, Placido Bramanti, and Rocco Salvatore Calabrò. Behavioral Neurology Volume 2019, Article ID 9268179, 7 pages.

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