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We never stop moving!

Our technicians are always on the move, ready to meet your needs and support you in case of issues. Proof of this comes from the trainings constantly arranged worldwide to ensure a correct and optimal use of our systems.

The visit at the HOPITAL LEON BERARD – HYERES department of Felix Berard – Rehabilitation brules réeducation orthopedique is a clear example. This training, held last month, was opened with a general presentation on BTS then moving the focus on NIRVANA. It consisted of a part of theory notions and a practical session on the software use, in which some boys and girls of the center were involved to perform a series of ground and wall exercises . NIRVANA is a real revolution in the world of rehabilitation, the feedback of physicians is always more and more positive and also the obtained results are more effective than those coming from traditional rehabilitation practice.

New collaborators in China!

We have the great pleasure to announce that we have installed some important labs in China.
The first stage was in Shanghai at the Sport Science department of the Shanghai University of International Business and Economics, where the SPORTLAB will be used to work on a new project with the Carling team to deeply analyze the execution of its main movements. Our systems are surrounding their private carling track to get the most data as possible. The coach feedback is super positive, he loves it!
Another installation was made at the China-Japan Friendship Hospital (CJFH), where our technician has shown all the lab functionalities. With altogether 1,600 beds (including those operated at the North Campus and the West Campus), CJFH has been committed to delivering medical care, researching, and educating future professionals. It provides health care services to the senior officials of the Central Government, constitutes the national emergency rescue teams and serves as the administration and training center for telemedicine programs organized in the name of the NHFPC.
Last stop in Beijing in order to update the SPORTLAB of a scientific team which use it on a daily basis and helps us a lot going on in the products development thanks to their important feedbacks.
An increasing number of medical, science and research structures chose our technologies but their satisfaction is what makes us feel great. Thanks for choosing us!

NIRVANA: a virtual revolution for the neuromotor rehabilitation

We have been in Czech Republic for a congress dedicated to Traumatology and Neuromotor rehabilitation. It took place on 12-14th of January at the Janské Lázně Rehabilitation Center (www.janskelazne.com) which has been chosen for the deepening study in pediatrics.
We were welcomed at the pediatrics department where we had the opportunity to interact directly with the hospitalized young patients.
With NIRVANA it was love at first sight!
Doctors, but mostly kids enjoyed a lot their first experience with our system working on their neuromotor and cognitive senses. Various trials confirm the fact that NIRVANA is an useful tool and very attractive for kids when it comes to motivate them about the execution of all the exercises/protocols.

Launch of the new BTS lab in Chile!

Last summer we told you about the installation of a new laboratory at Clinica Las Condes (Santiago, Cile), an internationally renowned healthcare center, thanks to the support of Physiomed Cile and our technicians. Today we are very pleased to announce that the laboratory has been completed with the installation of the NIRVANA, the system that makes neuro-motor rehabilitation exciting and enganging through a revolutionary multisensory stimulation of the whole body. At the end of the installation the official opening of the Motion Analysis Laboratory was carried out. A special thanks goes to those who have given their contribution and for the trust shown in our products!

BTS systems: the flagship of rehabilitation centers worldwide

We always share with great pleasure the work of our customers to spread the Movement Analysis knowledge all over the world showing how it can be applied in different fields. We have already told you about the Neuro-psychomotor Rehabilitation Clinic “Recuperare copii” in Romania, the only national academic institution of rehabilitation where all healthcare professionals involved in pediatric rehabilitation are trained. On the occasion of a workshop, held in collaboration with the University of Medicine and Surgery Carolus Davila of Bucharest, we had the opportunity to bring international experiences from our customers that usually deal with motion analysis. During this event a TV coverage, recently transmitted on the local network, has been made. It gives a panoramic view of the activities of the center and the provided services (various therapeutic interventions such as sleep EMG, single fiber EMG, multifactorial movement analysis and rehabilitation with virtual reality). Having the confirmation that our systems really help improve the quality of treatments is our greatest satisfaction!

Neuro-psychomotor Rehabilitation Clinic “Recuperare copii” (Romania) on TV! from BTSBIOENGINEERING on Vimeo.

G-WALK and FREEEMG 1000: the protagonists of the BTS workshop in Canada

BTS, in conjunction with Myrdal Orthopedic Technologies (MOT), hosted a workshop for the Orthotics & Prosthetics, and Physiotherapist communities in Vancouver, Canada. The workshop entitled “BTS Bioengineering Motion Analysis demo and workshop” was a great success as the clinical use of the G-WALK and FREEEMG 1000 were discussed, including how to interpret the data as well as key parameters to evaluate when fitting a patient with a prosthesis or orthotic. The participants were able to get hands on experience with the technologies and experience the easy to use systems for themselves.

This will be the first of many great events hosted with MOT in the future!


MAPEI Sport: Andrea Morelli reveals the secrets of the correct bike positioning

MAPEI Sport, center of excellence that works in the sports field conducting activities of scientific research and providing the athletes with multi-sectoral support to improve their performance, hands out precious suggestions for the agonistic training of the professional cyclists. The main protagonist in the evaluation of the various “adjustments” is the BTS laboratory made up of 8 infrared cameras, SMART DX. The use of an advanced technology allows you to perform accurate measurements which cannot be compared with those made through a Smartphone or the GoPro. Andrea Morelli, responsible of the Movement Analysis Lab reveals some tips and solutions that professionals put in place during the training for the next cyclistic season. This is what Andrea said: “[…] Our laboratory is made up of one of the most advanced systems of video-analysis, composed by 8 infrared cameras that cannot be compared even remotely to the systems based on the video-analysis generally used. These latter, in fact, use one or more video-cameras like the GoPro, or recordings made through latest-generation mobile phones that, even if in HD or at high speed, don’t provide measurements as much accurate as those performed with a professional system like the one used in our laboratory […]”.

1st Congress of the Asociación Chilena de Ciencias de Movimiento

The 1st Congress of the Asociación Chilena de Ciencias de Movimiento, V Jornada de Neurorehabilitación Clínica Coihues, ended the last month with great success. The event, held in Santiago de Chile at the Art and Architecture department of Bellavista, has been a meeting moment to share and exchange knowledge on the Movement Analysis in the clinical neurorehabilitation field.
During the congress, several speeches were held by professionals of various international centers that use the BTS technology in their daily practice and that have shown how the Movement Analysis can be applied in different fields. It’s always a great pleasure to see that always more and more professionals of the medical and sports fields constantly use our systems obtaining surprising results in planning appropriate treatments and trainings, thanks to the versatility and advanced technology of these systems.

NIRVANA: the new frontier of rehabilitation at MEDICA 2016

Also this year we have taken part at MEDICA, the international tradeshow on biomedical technology that attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world and that took place last week in Düsseldorf (Germany).
NIRVANA was the star attraction of this year! In fact, we took this opportunity to show a super preview of the new virtual reality system that astonished everyone with its magic effects. NIRVANA has been completely transformed making the neuro-motor rehabilitation amazing and captivating through a multisensory stimulation.
Completely developed and designed in Italy, the system has been very appreciated by all our business partners and many other professionals of the biomedical field.
Follow us to find out more!

BTS G-WALK: an extraordinary support for Multiple Sclerosis

This month Massimiliano Pau and his colleagues, with the collaboration of the Italian Association for Multiple Sclerosis (AISM) carried out a clinical assessment of gait. Their study aims to verify the feasibility of use of wearable accelerometers in an ambulatory environment to assess spatio-temporal parameters of gait in people with Multiple Sclerosis, as well as the correlation of objective data with patient-reported outcomes. To implement their protocol, they used our inertial wearable accelerometer BTS G-WALK. Every subjects were evaluated with the time 25-foot waking test while wearing the BTS G- WALK.

They conclude this study stating “wearable accelerometers are a useful tool for assessing gait performance for patients with Multiple Sclerosis in a clinical setting, especially in cases of mild to moderate disability”. In particular, these devices allow patient testing under realistic conditions (fully dressed, with their usual shoes, free to move everywhere in the available space, etc.) using simple procedures that provide immediate data.

Click here to read the article abstract: www.msard-journal.com