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For people of all ages, the ability to move confidently is essential to their well-being and to the development of their abilities. When something stands in the way of our freedom of movement - a pre-existing health condition, a sudden illness, an injury on the field - we not only lose our independence but also our awareness and confidence in our abilities.

The ultimate goal of BTS Bioengineering technologies is therefore to help people overcome their restricted mobility and enhance their performance so that they can face life and competition to the best of their ability.
We develop proprietary technologies as we are very familiar with the needs of the people for whom they are intended. For patients and sports people, of course, but primarily for doctors, rehabilitators, physiotherapists and athletic trainers, who need to find the same simplicity and fluidity in their use as someone who moves confidently.

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We put the data in your hands, you turn them into therapies

More accurate scientific analysis helps to measure patients' limited mobility more effectively.
Patient involvement increases the chances of success of the recommended path to take.
Being able to continue rehabilitation at a distance means optimising care by being closer to the patient.
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