Cognitive and mobility rehabilitation


Advanced solutions accelerating cognitive and mobility rehabilitation process in hospital and at home

Neuromotor and cognitive rehabilitation is persistent in recovering motor functions and learning adaptive strategies. The patient becomes the active protagonist of their treatment through the use of non-invasive technologies that accelerate the rehabilitation process and support the therapist in offering fun and personalised exercises. Our systems dedicated to neuromotor and cognitive rehabilitation, using technologies that permit biofeedback, immersive virtual reality and mirror therapy, allow to create an extremely stimulating and motivating environment for the patient. The exercises can be modified in real time according to the patients aptiness .

Optimisation of the rehabilitation process of each patient

Our systems allow to monitor the evolution of the patient’s motor skills during the various sessions and compare the progress of the treatment pathway
Customisable clinical exercises 
The systems dedicated to rehabilitation have a set of highly customisable clinical exercises validated by the scientific community 
Biofeedback and augmented reality 
The stimuli in biofeedback and the elements of augmented reality involve the patient during the exercise, improving its execution
Easy to interpret report 
Relevant indices of the patient’s progress, returned through easy-to-read reports

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