Functional evaluation of Gait and Posture


Study of body movements over time and space in both orthopaedic and neurological field

Neuromotor analysis includes the systematic study of body movements over time and space and can be applied in both orthopaedic and neurological fields. In particular, gait and balance analysis represent the best-known field of application.

Thanks to our systems, the analysis of postural balance and the ability to move the lower limbs and other parts of the body have become consolidated routine exams that fit well into daily clinical practice.

Technology designed for professionals dealing with motion analysis

Specific assessments in the orthopaedic, neurological, musculoskeletal, geriatric, post-surgical, sports fields
Instrumental and accurate analysis
Objective data compared with normality values
Functional assessment
Gait and balance assessment and functional tests for neurological patients
Support in post sports injury recovery
Creation of rehabilitation programmes

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