Expert Advice | BTS Bioengineering Services

Expert Advice

Our experience will be at your service from our very first meeting.
We’ll help you determine all features and processes envisioned for your state of the art technology center. We’ll conduct a preliminary analysis in order to suggest the best BTS available technology and the most suitable systems for your needs and ambitions.

Project Planning | BTS Bioengineering Services


Our experts are skilled to plan and build new labs on already existing properties as well as to build them from scratch with a turn-key project.

We guarantee:

  • graphic projects and plans of all works and security plans (on request)
  • building site technical assistance
  • on site works management all through works completion

We also ensure that the works and building materials carry all certifications and permits provided by applicable laws and full compliance with work safety laws.

Support | BTS Bioengineering Services


We want each and every customer to be able to operate in the best possible conditions and to obtain results beyond expectations both in terms of quality as well as productivity.

That’s why we also provide the following services:

  • BTS [email protected]: Our technical assistance service is able to manage and provide solutions to your problems remotely and in real time; all you need to access this service is your Internet connection.
  • Ticketing: If you have subscribed our client assistance agreement you’ll be able to use our advanced web-based ticketing service which allows us to take charge of your request and monitor it all through its resolution.
  • Tuning Session: We’ll plan an on line pre-arranged tuning session in order to optimize and tune all BTS systems and software installed in your lab. Should you have the need to, we’ll also be available to arrange an on site tuning session.
  • BTS Webinar: You’ll be offered the opportunity to attend seminars on the web run by experts in specific fields. All you need is an Internet connection and computers equipped with loud speakers and microphones. Webinars dates will be available on our web site in the “webinars” section.
Clinical Training | BTS Bioengineering Services

Clinical training

Our bioengineers have life long experiences in clinical medicine and will carry on any training and start up activity you might feel necessary in connection to your lab. These are add on services and shall be agreed on as part of the offer; the length of training shall also be discussed and agreed on according to your specific needs.
The short term training supplied by us will allow you to reach a good level of autonomy in the operational management of the system for the use of standard clinical protocols and for the creation of personalized clinical and research protocols; a long term tutoring service can also be agreed on at your request.

Motion Society | BTS Bioengineering Services

Operational lease

Please contact our sales service:
[email protected]
to obtain a BTS systems operational lease offer.

For US based clients, only: click here for financing options.

BTS Motion Society

You will have the possibility of becoming part of a special network of professionals of this field, to share experience, promote projects and start international collaborations.

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