A Complete laboratory for functional analysis of the athlete

Through integrated motion capture technology, BTS SPORTLAB provides complete and objective information to sports medical staff which can be used for the functional analysis of the athletes’ musculoskeletal state and motor strategies and sports performance.
Sports teams, clubs and Olympic committees worldwide use BTS SPORTLAB to recruit talents, to fine-tune training programs, to prevent injuries and to maintain the optimal physical condition of athletes.

Customize and maximize each training

BTS SPORTLAB allows physicians to plan customized training programs based on in-depth knowledge of the athlete’s actual potential and physical condition, thus avoiding over-training risks and performance downturns. The integrated functional assessment resulting from the use of this technology is based on 4 key factors: posture, movement, muscle activity and force.

BTS SPORTLAB athletes performance analysis







EMG Channels

Total freedom of movement

BTS SPORTLAB facilitates integral motion analysis of athletic movements promoting the natural performance of the task.
The total absence of wires, the miniaturization of the device and the removal of restrictions during the ground contact phase, contribute to the absence of  interference by the measuring tools on the movement itself, resulting in an accurate reconstruction of motor behavior.

A ready to use laboratory, which can be also used outdoors

BTS SPORTLAB allows athletes to undergo quick and accurate exams obtaining periodical follow ups of their sports performance.
The system natively integrates advanced tools for kinematic, dynamic and EMG analysis and it can also be operated outdoors (playing fields, running tracks, etc.) and in poorly lit environments (gyms, sports centers, etc.), without experiencing any loss of accuracy.

BTS SPORTLAB medics and sport
BTS SPORTLAB sport movement analysis

A wide library of protocols

BTS SPORTLAB includes a wide library of the main scientifically validated protocols:

  • Jump Assessment
  • Trunk Assessment
  • Walk & Running Analysis
  • Walk & Running Analysis on treadmill
  • Bike fitting
  • Total Body
wdt_IDMain features
1Integrated kinematic, electromyographic and dynamic analyses
2Video recording of the subject with simultaneous shots from different points of view in sync with all of the acquired signals.
3Rich library of analysis protocols validated by the scientific community
4Comparison between the different sessions of a single patient or those of different patients
5Automatic comparison of the data with normal classes
6Patients, sessions and trials Database which can be queried with various different search criteria
7Customizable multimedia report
wdt_IDIntegrated Systems
1SMART-DX 7000 Optoelectronic System with 8 infrared cameras
2FREEEMG 1000 surface EMG system with 10 wireless probes
3INFINI-T sensorized floor composed by 8 60x40 cm force plates
4VIXTA 100 video system with 3 cameras
1Gait and run analysis
2Jump assessment
3Trunk assessment
4Gait and run analysis on treadmill
5Total Body general purpose
6Bike fitting
7Stabilometry analysis
8Dental occlusion and bite
3Initial training
4Activities Start-up
6Support & Assistance
7Technological upgrade

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