RESEARCH | BTS Bioengineering Fields of Applications


Accuracy, versatility, calculation power, and precision are the strengths of our products.
The most prestigious scientific institutions and universities use BTS systems for research in biomechanics, biometry, diagnostics and physical sports sciences.
The most important aerospace programs have used BTS technology: installations on Spacelab and MIR stations. The NASA, the ESA and the CNRS employ BTS systems in parabolic flight programs.
Over the years we have conducted a large amount of research on humans, to obtain proprietary clinical protocols for our medical division, on animals in the field of neuroscience and for the industrial sector in the fields of ergonomics, man-machine interaction and drones development.

Discover our solutions for the Engineering field:

INFINI-T applications

The first digital sensory floor for motion analysis

FREEEMG applications

Electromyography device with wireless probes for the dynamic analysis of muscle activity

SMART-DX applications for motion capture analysis

High precision optoelectronic systems for motion analysis