MEDICAL PRACTICE | BTS Bioengineering Fields of Applications


Thousands of hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and specialized health care facilities use our motion analysis systems every day to assess body motion dysfunctions and to develop the most successful therapies.

Thanks to BTS systems practitioners obtain a fast, accurate and non-invasive quantitative analysis of patients’ biomechanical and neuromuscular parameters. Every year, BTS systems are used to meet the medical needs of thousands of patients all over the world throughout their clinical pathway to recovery.

Gait analysis (i.e. the systematic study of human/animal locomotion) is the most widely known field of application.

Thanks to our systems, the analysis of postural balance as well as the movement ability of upper extremities and other body parts have become routine and established exams that fit well into everyday clinical practice.

Discover our solutions for the Medical field:

BTS FREELAB applications

Fast, simple and accurate functional evaluation of your patient

NIRVANA applications

Medical device based on virtual reality designed to support motor and cognitive rehabilitation.

OEP System applications

Optoelectronic Plethysmography System for the analysis of breathing mechanics

BTS GAITLAB applications for gait analysis

A complete laboratory for clinical motion analysis

P-WALK applications

Modular platforms system for plantar pressure measurement

G-WALK applications

Wireless inertial system for motion functional analysis