BTS SMART-DX infrared cameras

High precision optoelectronic systems for motion analysis

Outstanding computing power and exceptional versatility

SMART DX is our optoelectronic systems product line designed to satisfy all motion analysis requirements in clinical, sports and industrial fields. All models use digital cameras equipped with powerful infrared illuminators to guarantee exceptional performance even in the most adverse conditions.

Systems used worldwide for gait clinical assessment and multifactorial movement analysis

Our analysis protocols have been validated by the International Scientific Community. We supply valuable quantitative information to physicians, researchers and fitness trainers, as well as ready to use data for the comparison with normal ranges.


SMART-DX clinical applications


SMART-DX sport applications


SMART-DX research applications
SMART-DX sport and athletes
SMART-DX Accuracy




the thickness of a human hair

Up to



 for each workstation

Up to



for multifactorial analyses

Integration and complementarity

SMART DX integrates, synchronizes and manages all the information coming from electromyography devices, sensory floors and BTS cameras, in real time. Up to 80 analog channels for the integration and synchronization of signals coming from other devices are also available.

SMART-DX marker positioning
  • Accuracy <0.1mm
  • Up to 16 cameras for each data-station
  • Automatic marker identification
  • Rapid calibration of multiple volumes with different sizes
  • No loss of precision in critical lighting conditions
  • Native integration with electromyography devices, inertial sensors, force platforms, cameras.
  • Integration with other systems
  • Clinical evaluation and performance analysis software
  • Development of customized protocols
  • Development tool
wdt_IDTVCDX 100DX 400DX 700DX 6000DX 7000
1 Infrared digital cameras per datastation up to 4 up to 16 up to 16 up to 16 up to 16
2 Sensor Resolution 0,3 Mpixel 1 Mpixel 1,5 Mpixel 2,2 Mpixel 4 Mpixel
3 Acquisition frequency at maximum resolution 140fps 100fps 250fps 340fps 500fps
4 Maximum acquisition frequency 280fps 300fps 1000fps 2000fps 2000fps
5 Accuracy/Volume <0,2mm on 2x2x2m <0,3mm on 4x3x3m <0,1mm on 4x3x3m <0,1mm on 4x3x3m <0,1mm on 6x6x3m

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