ACAPS 2023

ACAPS 2023

Physical activity, sport and dedicated environments are strongly related in terms of performance effectiveness.
The different environments (physical, economic, social, virtual, etc.) and their interactions with the individual involve a series of actions, concerns, specific sensations during physical and sporting activity.

The ACAPS congress which will take place from 31 October to 1 November 2023 in Reims (France), will discuss all of these relationships, focusing on how we can best live and move in these environments, act and interact, adapt to them , transform them or even optimize them, to respond to the various issues related to the practice of physical and sporting activities. 

In this context, movement analysis covers a fundamental role, especially when prescribing physical activity.
BTS will be present to show you all our technological innovations, ranging from virtual reality to movement analysis  applicable to different fields. 

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