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Clínica Las Condes - Laboratorio de Marcha y Movimiento

An excellence centre working on customized surgical and rehabilitation programs thanks to objective evaluation of human movement

Clínica Las Condes - Laboratorio de Marcha y Movimiento
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Clínica Las Condes was opened in 1982 with the best standards of quality, excellent medical equipment and advanced technology.
The project was conceived to build and develop an innovative private clinic of excellence delivering high-quality services and a humanized and top-level attention.
It is a clinic certified by international institutions. It is the first Chilean Hospital in being accredited by the JOINT COMMISSION INTERNATIONAL.
In 2007, Clínica Las Condes made a deal with Johns Hopkins Medicine International that includes collaboration in the development of clinical programs; in direction of quality services; in training and exchange of medical staff, nurses and support staff, and in research activities.
We always put the interest and the rights of the patients at the heart of our work, providing human care and an effective and efficient health care.
We are the Latin American leader of excellence and innovation in the delivery of health care and safety of patients, continuously and systematically improving the quality of our services as well as the experience of our audience. Our focus is on medicine of high complexity and being pioneers in the implementation of technologies, therapies and treatment models.

Provided services

We specialize in the assessment of walking, postural and balance disorders in children, adolescents, adults and elderly.
Internal or external specialists send the patients for a comprehensive-clinical evaluation that includes gait analysis, simplified gait analysis, fall risk and postural assessment. We can also perform a functional evaluation of athletes.
All clinical data are analyzed by a team of specialists, who will identify the findings and collaborate with the clinician in the decision-making of different treatments and rehabilitation plan for each patient according to their own needs. This plan may include physical therapy, occupational therapy, orthotic, medical and surgical treatments depending on their physical functioning level. All these activities allow us to make a follow-up of the clinical evolution of gait parameters, balance or fall risk.
We also use a virtual reality device (BTS NIRVANA) to stimulate the patients using audio-visual information in a virtual environment.


It is an integrated system designed to assess clinical-specific characteristics of our patients using clinical protocols that helps physicians in the clinical decision-making and clinical research. It’s a easy-to-use system affordable to the gait lab team.
BTS has given support in the technical education of the gait-lab professionals collaborating in several projects related to motion analysis.
Besides, all components of the systems are manufactured by BTS and allow us to have an efficient technical support.

Our goal

The main goal of the Clinica Las Condes Gait and Motion Laboratory is to collaborate with the clinician through an objective evaluation of gait and movements performed by the patients allowing the definition of treatment goals and long-term follow-up. Besides the findings spread allowed us to collaborate in the knowledge- development and design of more complex medical and surgical treatments.