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High Ortopedic Technologies

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Private Accredited Orthopedic Center
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Orthesys has been operating in the orthopedic technical field since 2007. At Orthesys, we passionately seek out the most cutting-edge technologies to guarantee our customers a service that is in step with the times and highly specific according to their needs. Thanks to our thirty years of experience and the continuous updating of the technicians and biomedical engineers on our staff, we marry science and new technologies, while maintaining a craftsman’s approach to the creation of efficient and unique orthopedic products that are truly customized to the needs and problems of the patient. Our Orthopedic Centre designs and manufactures customized orthopedic products using advanced Movement Analysis techniques: the analysis of problems related to the locomotor system as a whole and the consequent design and manufacture of customized orthopedic products are the strengths of our Centre.

The challenge

Technology now represents an essential element in the clinical, rehabilitation and sports field, becoming a fundamental support for specialists in the processes of diagnosis and treatment of pathologies overtime. For this reason, Orthesys employs the most modern measuring instruments in the investigation of the root cause of the pain, with the dual purpose of designing and creating the most appropriate orthosis for each patient. Every effort is aimed at supporting clinicians and therapists in treating and preventing the onset of pathologies affecting the musculoskeletal system, thus guaranteeing an inter- and multidisciplinary approach.

The change

In 2017 Orthesys moved its headquarters to a new location, with larger and more welcoming spaces, to accommodate the BTS Gait Analysis laboratory. The laboratory is equipped with an optoelectronic system with 8 infrared cameras for movement analysis, 2 video cameras, 2 dynamometric platforms for measuring forces, a wireless system for measuring surface electromyography data and a baropodometric platform for the analysis of plantar pressures. For us it was a natural and necessary evolution, gained thanks to the thirty-years’ experience in the field of orthoses with the use of baropodometric platforms for the pressure analysis of foot contact with the ground; baropodometrics allowed us to understand that many problems, attributed to the foot, could show correlations with the upper joint segments, without having objective evidence.
The knowledge, along the way, of the engineers of the Politecnico of Milan, with whom an active collaboration was activated in the field of studies and research projects concerning motor deficits both in the clinical/rehabilitation field and in sports field, has allowed Orthesys to raise awareness of the need to make their activities more scientific, giving more specific answers to our customers/patients.
Today Orthesys offers a widespread service to all those who are affected by the most varied problems related to the locomotor system and, thanks to the Orthesys GAITLAB, we can welcome research projects with the most accredited Healthcare Institutes, IRCCS, medical studies and sports associations, both amateur and professional.

How our technologies have been used

The activity of Orthesys focuses on the design and marketing of orthoses and aids using cutting-edge electronic equipment.
These tools allow Orthesys to support the clinical specialist in defining the diagnosis, assist the rehabilitation team pre-during-post the patient’s functional recovery path, designing the most appropriate customized orthosis – such as insoles, footwear, braces, prostheses –monitoring the validity of the designed orthosis through follow-up. Finally, Orthesys is constantly employed in research, collaborating with the most accredited medical institutes and universities.

“Observing and analyzing movement to both treat and prevent its deficit, investigating the cause.”

Lorenza Flaviani, Orthesys founder - Milan, Italy
We have chosen BTS because…

We got to know BTS thanks to our engineer friends from the Politecnico of Milan. BTS is for us a big family, which has welcomed our know-how, unique reference in Lombardy, in the design of orthoses and orthopedic aids and which does not belong to a hospital or university.