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Sociedad de Educación y Rehablitación  (SER) – Gait Analysis Lab

A non-profit organization aiming to provide equal opportunities to people affected by neuromuscolar diseases

Sociedad de Educación y Rehablitación  (SER) – Gait Analysis Lab
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Sociedad de Educación y Rehablitación de Puerto Rico (SER de PR) is a non-profit organization founded in 1950 with the mission to provide exceptional services to help people with physical, orthopedic and neuromuscular disabilities, autism and their families to have in their communities equal opportunities to live, educate, work and play.
The organization contributes to the rehabilitation of children and adults who suffer from physical and developmental disabilities. SER decided to invest in quality and excellence by owning the first Gait Analysis Lab of the country.

Provided services

SER provides services according to physical needs and development potential of everyone, offering a complete program for education and rehabilitation.
Our services include:

  • Medical evaluation and treatment
  • Psychological services
  • Physical, occupational and speech therapy
  • Information, follow up and referral to government, non-government and CBOs in the community
  • Social work
  • Assistive technology
  • Advocacy
  • Education and orientation to the community related to the disabled people, as: VSA and “Así Debo Crecer” video.

Currently SER de PR attends 3,600 patients in the rehabilitation center with more than 20,000 visits annually for medical clinics and therapies. The diagnoses more often seen are: cerebral palsy, spina bifida, congenital malformations, damage to the spinal cord, muscular dystrophy, arthritis, stroke, Down syndrome, autism and speech problems.

Our Medical Rehabilitation goals are to provide an accurate and quick diagnosis and treatment for children and adults with disabilities and developmental disabilities, restore function lost due to temporary conditions and promotes quality of life for individuals with disabilities through education and prevention programs.


The analysis of human movement is a measure used in the interventions with the participants showing difficulties in their movement. This analysis has been done by clinical observations and depends on the experience of the clinician that is performing the analysis.
The Biomechanics Lab is a valuable tool that gives objective data of the movement analysis, for example postural deviation and gait patterns. With this technology we can capture movement and analyze it more accurately.

SER de Puerto Rico has chosen BTS Bioengineering for the first Biomechanics Lab in Puerto Rico mainly because it is directed to clinical practice. Our mission is to provide exceptional service to people with disabilities and with the BTS system we can continue our mission with objective data. Our partnership with BTS has been transcendental, giving us the opportunity to achieve a new goal: to become a center that has the quality of giving exceptional service and the ability to be part of a new vision of rehabilitation.

“BTS GAITLAB allows for a 3D evaluation of the body movements of patients with neurological and orthopedic pathologies. With it, the surgery operations and the rehabilitation treatments are going to be easier and simpler to understand.”

Felicita Figueroa Physical Therapist Supervisor, SER – Portorico
Our goal

Thanks to BTS GAITLAB, it is possible to carry out a 3D evaluation of the body movement of patients with neurological and orthopedic pathologies. With BTS GAITLAB the surgery operations and the rehabilitation treatments are going to be easier and simpler to understand.
An important financial contribution aimed to improve the quality of the youngest patients’ lives that allows them living a better future.