Santa Corona Hospital Inaugurates the New "Sensory Room" for Neuromotor and Neurocognitive Rehabilitation

Santa Corona Hospital Inaugurates the New

On May 15, 2024, Santa Corona Hospital in Pietra Ligure (Italy) presented the new “Sensory Room,” an innovative technology that offers an immersive environment for neuromotor rehabilitation and neurocognitive stimulation. This new installation continues the work of the Robotics Center of the hospital’s Complex Structure for Recovery and Functional Rehabilitation. 

The Sensory Room uses virtual reality to create a stimulating experience, allowing patients to interact with various realistic scenarios projected on walls or floor. This immersive environment supports motor and cognitive rehabilitation by using audiovisual feedback that enable real-time adaptation of exercises to the specific capabilities of each patient. 

The innovative NIRVANA 3 system by BTS, used in the Sensory Room, is extremely versatile and applicable to several central nervous system conditions, such as strokes, severe acquired brain injuries, degenerative diseases and myelopathies of different origins. It can be used in both acute and chronic phases to address issues related to movement, coordination, memory, and balance.  

This technology represents a significant advancement in the field of rehabilitation. The previous version of the Sensory Room, installed at the beginning of 2023 at the community hospital in Cairo Montenotte, has already shown its value in rehabilitation for patients in the Val Bormida area. The new Sensory Room significantly expands the neuromotor rehabilitation opportunities, enabling the treatment of highly complex clinical conditions from the early stages. 

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