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This is the first therapeutic system aiding the rehabilitation process of patients affected by neuro-motor diseases by multisensory stimulation.

BTS NIRVANA is a movement-based system providing patients virtual reality scenarios to interact with. The rehabilitation exercises with audio-visual stimuli involve the perceptual-cognitive skills of patients, resulting in a very motivational training. The results achieved during rehabilitation allow the physical therapist to evaluate the patient’s actual progress and then modify the rehab program.

Exercise categories

The “Motion” typology includes exercises focused on movement quantity: the subject is motivated to cover the widest projection surface possible or, on the contrary, is motivated to keep a certain still position (limb and trunk control) A standard task requires the subject to sweep out several objects that cover the projection surface, with spread arm movements. The opposite task requires the patient to remain still, to avoid any graphic or acoustic feedback.
Nirvana Protocollo Motion

Exercise categories

In the “Sprites” typology the patient is required to perform specific movements aimed at reaching, touching or grabbing a series of objects. By interacting with the projection, the patient activates some visual or audio feedback. According to the specific exercise, therapy will involve upper limb, lower limb, and trunk.
Nirvana Protocollo Sprites

Exercise categories

Follow me
The “Follow me” typology requires the online motor control in patients. It includes exercises based on following one or few objects that are moving over the projection plane. According to the specific exercise different body segment will be recruited: lower limb coordination during walking and shoulder/elbow coordination in following the objects on the wall. Some exercises require additional specific movements once the object has been reached.
Nirvana Protocollo Follow Me

Exercise categories

This “Hunt” category includes exercises requiring the patient to reach objects that appear, with random order and for a limited time, on the projection surface. If the patient succeeds in hitting the target he activates a visual transformation and an audio feedback; otherwise, the object disappears. According to the specific exercise upper limbs, trunk and lower limbs can be recruited.
Nirvana Protocollo Hunt

BTS NIRVANA can easily fit into the everyday processes of any rehabilitation center, actually improving any physical therapy process, and enrich its technologic equipment offer.

How it works
The system is connected to a projector or a big screen, it reproduces an interactive series of exercises and thanks to an infrared video camera analyzing the patient’s movements, it creates interactivity. At the end of each work session it is possible to export the full list of all exercises performed and the score obtained for each of them. The activity can also be recorded by a webcam in order to allow its re-examination of the activity performed and to have a visual recording of the patient’s progress and evolution.

BTS NIRVANA is particularly recommended in the rehabilitation therapy of patients with movement and attentive dysfunctions caused by:

  • Outcome of stroke
  • Traumatic brain injury outcome
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Various forms of palsy
  • Peripheral nervous system lesions
  • Infantile cerebral palsy (ICP) 
Markerless Infrared Sensor
TVC Digital board camera – 400Mbps 1394a
CCD sensor Square pixels, ¼”
Acquisition frequency 30fps
Preview Full frame
Strobes High radiation power LED
Strobe LED wavelenght 850nm
Data transmission technology FireWire
TVC power Dedicated AC adapter
Fixed focal length lens 4.3 mm
Aperture (F) 2.0

Videoprojector (minimum requirements)
Brightness 4000 ANSI Lumens
Resolution 1024×768
Standard equipment:
  • 1 or 2 markerless infrared sensors
  • Workstation touch screen
  • 1 or 2 camera supports (different models available)
  • BTS NIRVANA software
  • Webcam
  • 1 or 2 video projectors (4000 ANSI Lumen)
  • RFID card reader